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Philly Asian American Film Fest needs Volunteers!

Philly Asian American Film Fest needs Volunteers!


Every Fall I look forward to the Philadelphia Asian American Film Fest (PAAFF), eager to see what new shape it will take, what new themes it will explore, what new spaces it will occupy, what empowering or cathartic sense of diverse community it will engender, what sense of identities it will embolden through representation, what light it will shed on issues and overlooked histories. These constitute many of the reasons I decided to participate as a Volunteer Coordinator this year! PAAFF is an entirely volunteer-run organization that hosts an annual 11 day festival that seeks to elevate Asian and Asian Diaspora voices/stories in cinema. This year’s festival dates are November 7-17. PAAFF is looking for Festival Volunteers to help make sure that events and programs run smoothly. Volunteers are extremely critical and valuable to this homespun festival!

Here are some reasons to volunteer with PAAFF!

  • Size & Scale: PAAFF is the largest film festival focusing on AAPI content on the East Coast (bigger than NYC!), and the third largest AAPI Film Festival in the country!

  • Many films & more: Over the course of 11 days, PAAFF showcases over 80 films (features & shorts) of the Asian Diaspora, hosts musical and theatrical acts (such as Philadelphia Asian Performing Artists works-in-progress), and hosts a conference in partnership with UPenn to open conversations around AAPI experiences that are not often discussed. Here's a link to our program from last year.

  • Arts & Activism: PAAFF works towards building community around arts and activism, choosing films and devising programs that can bring community together (not only the AAPI community, but the film community, and other diaspora communities as well), raising awareness of shared/intersectional issues and experiences.

  • Partnership & Access: PAAFF partners with many different community organizations (such as VietLead, Cambodian American Girls Empowering, PCDC, SEAMAAC, etc...) every year to ensure that the AAPI community is aware and has access to all of the programs that we have

  • Meeting Creators: Every year, filmmakers and artists from all over the country attend PAAFF to conduct audience Q&As and to interact with the local Philly community. It's a great opportunity to aspiring artists to connect with other creators from around the world to inspire and be inspired by one another!

  • PAAFF Perks: PAAFF feeds you food (like, really good food). For each shift you work, you receive: a sweet volunteer shirt, and one complimentary ticket to any paid event (except for tentpole films).

If you're interested in volunteering this year, please fill out this Volunteer Interest Form, which will have more details on Festival Volunteerism and allows PAAFF to collect some important information about you, relevant to assigning tasks and shifts. If you know anyone else who would be interested in volunteering this year, you can send them same link to the form! Once you've filled out the form, please expect to get a shift sign-up sheet in early October as well as an orientation/volunteer training schedule.

The much anticipated PAAFF preview party is scheduled for October 3rd, 6PM at Asian Arts Initiative, at which the full programming (films, musical acts, conference schedule, etc...) will be revealed! The party is FREE and the best opportunity to get discounted tickets!

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