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Event Recap: Driving Not Knowing Philly Premire @ PhilaMOCA

This past Sunday, December 6th, PhilaMOCA housed the Philadelphia premiere of Driving Not Knowing. In attendance were the filmmakers Benjamin R. Davis, Dylan Hansen-Fliedner, Jay Jadick , and Dane Mainella (the latter two who star in the film). Along with them were both the composer of the film, Charley Ruddell, and also their friend, Ethan Davis. The two performed after the screening under their alter-ego monikers ScooterJinx and Fouwam. IMG_9953

The space was pretty filled with about 30 to 40 people, some of which were friends of the filmmakers, others were just interested Philadelphians. The film garnered both the concentration it asks for in its more thoughtful scenes, and also the lighthearted laughter that comes along in the more casual and fun moments of the film. When the film ended, there was deep silence as the credits started to roll, followed by applause and cheering.

After a short break the chairs were cleared away, and ScooterJinx and Fouwam took the stage. Soon the music swelled in the dark space while one of the film’s stars, Jay, controlled the flashing lights with a remote on the sidelines. The music may have contained subtle themes from the film’s score, but the overall tone of the music was radically different. And though some of the attendees departed post-screening, those that remained seemed to fill the space with their dancing and energy. In fact, it felt like a scene right out of the movie. We were all just friends, listening to music, dancing, and letting go of any preconceived notions of how we should be.

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